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Private DNS

We host a private DNS that does no censorship and that filters ads.

Access is granted to explicitely authorized IP addresses. Should this correspond to a need you have, contact us to be added to the list. We won't ask you anything in return. We'll ask you the IP address to allow and the motivation of your request. Depending on our discussion we'll answer positively or negatively.

Why would I need this?

Some organizations and countries do DNS hijacking for profit (by redirecting your trafic to advertisement or phishing pages - this is common with public Wi-Fi spots for example) or for censorship reasons. Some others may collect your personal data when you are using their DNS.
This private DNS does not censor any editorial nor applicative content, neither it collects your personal data.
It does filter number of ads and malwares though, and in that sense it does some DNS hijacking.

Why do you offer this? There must be some benefit for you!

No, there is none.
We did set up this DNS for our own usage. If it can also help others we are happy.

Why don't you make it public and open?

It used to be open to the whole internet actually. But as open recursive DNS can be used by attackers to perpetrate DDOS amplification attacks we decided recently to make our service private before it happens.

I don't know you, why should I trust you?

That's a legitimate question, and we have nothing else to offer than our good faith.
The only thing we can do is to promise you the only thing we will keep track of will be our email exchanges (feel free to use PGP) and our firewall rules dedicated to grant you access to the service.

What if the police asks for your logs or anything else?

We will do all that the French law requires us to do knowing that the service is hosted in France.
Should the law evolve unfavorably some day we would shut down this service.

Any Service Level Agreement?

No. We do this on a voluntary basis so there is no SLA.
Actually, the service is provided "as is" with no express or implied warranty of any kind, including accuracy, accessibility, and security.

I can't send you my IP each time I connect to a public Wi-Fi spot!

That's true. We are currently experimenting a system that keep our mobile phones automatically authorized regardless how often their IP adresses change. We have good results but the system has some drawbacks, we'll keep you posted.

You actually do have ads on your website. Aren't you ashamed to block them with your DNS?

We don't filter ads for moral reasons, ads are not a problem per se to us. We do block them for legibility, bandwith, and privacy (trackers) reasons.
When we would like to encourage a website, we allow ads to be displayed for a period of time and we click on the most relevant ones.
We also live perfectly well with the fact users may block our own ads. When the 'DO NOT TRACK' option of your browser is activated, this website doesn't display any ad at all.

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