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Android applications is an Android developer.

We develop our own applications as we develop for our customers. Should you need us to do anything for you, don't hesitate and contact us.

I found a bug! How to have it fixed?

Despite our best efforts to thoroughly test our applications, the Android platforms are so diverse that bugs may happen. Should you be facing an issue, please accept our apologies. We'll do our best to fix it rapidly.

We are only able to fix the bugs we are aware of, so please contact us in case of problem. Should this be a blocking issue, using the bug reporting system of your device is also an excellent way to let us know.

In any case, please be so kind to specify the brand of your device and the version of Android you are using if you know it. Please also specify the circumstances in which the bug occurs.
The more specific is your message, the higher are the chances to have the issue solved.

What is your schedule?

Concerning our own applications we have no schedule as we conduct our projects beside a full-time job. Concerning our customers, we agree on a schedule together.

I need help on Android development

Sure, I would be pleased to help!

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