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Welcome to Shlublu.org!

What is Shlublu.org?

Shlublu.org is a website dedicated to applications development under Android.

You will find here resources related to the application we develop.

What kind of applications am I going to find here?

We have released three application so far:

  • Sighting Compass (Peilkompass in German): an application dedicated to sailing, boating and trekking, that allows measuring bearings of targets to help users plotting their localization on their map.
  • Spirit Level: an application designed to measure the angle between a plane or an edge and the absolute vertical or horizontal.
  • Net Monitor: an application that helps you monitoring your FTP and web sites.

There's a bug! What to do to have it fixed?

Despite our best efforts to thoroughly test our applications, the Android hardware is so diverse that bugs may happen. Should you be facing an issue, please accept our apologies. We'll do our best to fix it rapidly.

We are only able to fix the bugs we are aware of, so please send us an email in case of problem. Should this be a blocking issue, using the bug reporting system of your device is also an excellent way to let us know.

In any case, please be so kind and specify the brand of your device and the version of Android you are using if you know it. Please also specify the circumstances in which the bug occurs.
The more specific is your message, the higher are the chances have the issue solved.

I'm interested in all this. What is your schedule?

We have no schedule as we conduct our project beside a full-time job, but we'll keep you posted on this website!

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